Givenchy, for the High Heel-Hating Weirdo World Traveler in You


The Givenchy spring 2014 collection, presented during Paris Fashion week yesterday, is a little all over the map. In fact, Lauren Cochrane at the Guardian calls it “streetwear for global elegance.”

She also writes:

Clothes that people have worn for hundreds of years were the inspiration. Elements of traditional dress from across the globe, from Indian saris to Japanese kimonos, Masai jewellery to the wraps of Northern Africa, filled the collection.

Most of these old shapes are given a very modern twist. Everything is very soft and drapey, sometimes draped so low as to reveal the navel. You’ll also see: Slinky asymmetrical gowns, deconstructed tuxedoes, toga-like dresses, Clan of the Cave Bear furs and sumptuous, sparkly, luxe fabrics. It all seems very “just threw this on and left the house” instead of studied and precise. Some of the models’ faces were covered in jewels, for a blingy face mask look. Oh, and: Zero high heels. Creative director Riccardo Tisci wants us all to wear big old fugly Jesus sandals next year. Are you in?

Images via Getty.

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