Glenn Beck Co-Opts Cupcakes For Flawed Explanation Of Inflation


Tonight Glenn Beck used one of our most beloved dessert items in another one of his cockamamie history lessons. Here he attempts to explain money supply and inflation with cupcakes, while occasionally pausing to chat with the baked goods themselves.

This may shock you, but his food metaphor may not be entirely accurate. Ryan Witt writes on

Beck assumes that there is a set, stagnant amount of valuable assets, or cupcakes, to back up the dollar. In fact, the assets of the United States are constantly growing over time. In effect, new cupcakes are produced constantly as the population grows, new inventions are made, and assets increase in value.

Also, Beck neglects to mention that the prices of other items he didn’t show have remained stable. But honestly, we’re too shaken up to think about all the flaws in his logic right now. Even a the staunchest member of Team Pie would admit that Beck drafting innocent cupcakes into his war on reason isn’t just wrong, it’s downright un-American.

Glenn Beck Tries To Use Cupcakes To Explain Money Supply And Inflation []

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