Go Forth and Breast Pump


Announcement: We are now pumpin’.

On Friday, model Valeria Garcia rocked a breast pump-and-black lace bra on the runway at Marta Jakubowski’s London fashion show: a casual day-to-night look for pumpin’ in the office, pumpin’ in the club, pumpin’ at home, pumpin’ at Dunkin’s, or wherever the need to pump arises. I’m pretty sure the milk goes into self-contained boob-shaped milk holders, which is still unclear, but they are mobile, and they fit under a sexy nursing bra.

Thank you, fashion lords, and also Elvie’s Silent Wearable App-Controlled Breast Pump™ for making all of this possible.

But may we not also pump conspicuously with the loud and/or unwieldy device of our choosing?

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