Google CEO Eric Schmidt Thinks Women Should Only Date Older Men


Eric Schmidt has very strict restrictions on the advertisements he’ll allow on Google: he’ll help women find a sugar daddies, men find sugar babies and anyone find sexy foreign women. He will not, however, help you find a younger man.

Google, which was being paid handsomely by to feature its ads on more than 6,700 websites, has decided that cougars are not “family-friendly.” Google is, of course, not commenting on why women dating younger men is considered unsafe for families but gazillionaire octagenarians looking to drool all over 20-somethings with “lifestyle” aspirations remains totally cool. Even better, they refused to run ads from that simply featured its CEO, a 39-year-old woman, rather than the couples-themed ads they had been running. A brother site to CougarLife, (which sets up the aforementioned older men with younger women), is still advertising with Google.

So, just so as we’re clear: women dating younger men for hot sex and low-drama companionship: dirty, dirty sluts who shouldn’t be around children. Older men who seek sex and companionship exclusively from younger women in exchange for gifts and cash: totally up Eric Schmidt’s alley and safe for children and Christian conservatives. I wonder what Eric is so insecure about, anyway.

Google Tells Sites for ‘Cougars’ To Go Prowl Elsewhere [NY Times]

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