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AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! OK, now that I have the screaming out of the way, let me be the first to tell you that Gossip Girl is back and it looks amazing.

HBO Max has officially released the very first teaser trailer for the upcoming Gossip Girl sequel, also called Gossip Girl. It features lots of hot young people doing hot young people things, like taking selfies and making out and looking into mirrors.

From the looks of it, the drama this time around appears to fixate on social media. Kristen Bell, who returns as the titular narrator, ominously warns the new gaggle of New York City teen menaces of Gossip Girl’s imminent return. While they might think they control the narrative of their social lives and personalities—again with the overt social media angle—it’s really Gossip Girl who runs the show. “I see you,” she says. But what does she see? Well, again, hot people making out. One appears to be kissing someone they shouldn’t, while another catches that person kissing the one they shouldn’t. The Blair Waldorf-looking character takes a selfie with her clip-on ring light, two others whisper some secrets, and in classic Gossip Girl fashion, an underage person is seen behind a bar making drinks.

Oh yeah, that’s definitely Tavi Gevinson at said bar, in case anyone was curious.

It’s nice to have something proper to sink my teeth into concerning this reboot. For months now, HBO Max has tossed around little crumbs, such as photos from the set. But nothing satiates the appetite quite like a teaser trailer! I will have to block off the rest of my day to dissect this about 100 million different ways. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

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