Gossip Girl's New Trailer Has Boys Kissing Boys, Girls Kissing Girls, Everyone Kissing Everyone Else

The new trailer for HBO's Gossip Girl reboot has left me... incredibly pleased.

Gossip Girl's New Trailer Has Boys Kissing Boys, Girls Kissing Girls, Everyone Kissing Everyone Else
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HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot trailer is out and officially the hottest thing on the internet this week. Makeouts, fashion shows, underage drinking, catty schoolyard feuds—ah, it is so good to be home.

In the trailer’s opening moments, we hear what is presumably Jordan Alexander’s voice, cooing that their group of friends has known each other “since we were babies.” Soon, we’re introduced to Whitney Peak, who plays Zoya Lott, the newcomer, as the group laughs at her for waiting to use the crosswalk. (New Yooooooork!) Almost immediately, the trailer—which is set, beautifully, to the tune of Frank Ocean’s “Super Rich Kids”—cuts between the typical Gossip Girl set pieces: Fashion shows! Boys kissing boys! Those same boys kissing girls! Everyone drinking at bars and maybe cheating on their boyfriends and girlfriends! As Zoya Lott says, “I promised I would stay away from any drama,” a Gossip Girl drop interrupts the relative peace of the trailer.

“Did you miss me? I know I’ve missed you.”

As always, I was right about the plot: Jordan Alexander is the Blair Waldorf of the new series, and Whitney Peak is the pseudo-Serena Van Der Woodsen slash Dan Humphrey—the “tourist” in the world of the Upper East Side. I’m also quite proud to see Evan Mock as Akeno Menzies—who is maybe among the hottest people on planet Earth—macking on some dude’s mouth. I think it’s Thomas Doherty, who has described his character, Max Wolfe, as a “libertine.”

The genius thing about this trailer, while I will wait to pass judgment on the show itself, is it uplifts the source material while retaining its original genetic makeup: gorgeous set pieces, high melodrama, unadulterated teen fuckery, and a surprisingly frank examination of the moral decay amongst America’s elite schoolchildren. Gossip Girl says it best in the trailer: “This just in… there’s a big secret amongst the ruling class at Constance Billard.”

I can’t wait to find out what it is.

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