Grimes Needs to Sleep, So Her 'Digital Self' WarNymph Posed in Balenciaga for Her

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Grimes Needs to Sleep, So Her 'Digital Self' WarNymph Posed in Balenciaga for Her
Screenshot:The Face

As 3D modeling and AR technologies continue to advance, I suspect that more celebrities will license out their digital selves to magazines, commercial sponsorships, and even appearances on morning talk shows. Grimes, because she has an incredibly wealthy nerd boyfriend, has a headstart on the trend, “untethering” her digital self WarNymph for an interview with The Face.

In the interview, Grimes admits that having a digital persona makes it much easier to keep working while pregnant, mostly because it gives her the opportunity to focus on growing a human body inside of her instead of flying around the world doing photoshoots and interviews. It’s a clever approach to maternity leave, and I applaud the ingenuity! My own mom pulled double duty as a receptionist and a nanny while pregnant, so a digital avatar that doesn’t exist in the material realm seems less practical for most women. (Unless in 10 years we’re all stuck at “tech jobs” run by nerds who might allow this sort of thing.)

As for WarNymph itself, Grimes describes the avatar as an effort to “separate her digital persona from her humanity,” which feels more like a modern spin on Sia’s wig than an actual being born of its own volition. More perplexingly, she calls WarNymph a “new species.” Unless it self-generates, speaks, thinks, and chooses its own Balenciaga outfit to wear, I seriously doubt that. But the world needs dreamers!

As for the actual child that will eventually be born, Grimes claims that she wants her kid with Elon Musk to live in the woods with her grandfather sometimes so they aren’t “too spoiled” by Musk’s gilded lifestyle. She also admits that “annoyingly, some of the memes about my naming ideas are on point.” Specifically, is she referring to possibilities like Ockham’s Razor, Gravitational Forces, Magnetohydrodynamics, String Theory, and Wormhole Generator? My preference, of course, is Wormhole Generator—but it’s also not my kid! [The Face]

Gwyneth Paltrow hosted a “makeup-free” dinner party, where multiple guests showed up in full foundation and complexion work, while others had on at least some lipstick and mascara.

Celebrities—more than any of us, surely—do live under the near-constant pressure to be rich, attractive, and well-liked. That must be taxing! Their non-celebrity friends, meanwhile, feel similar pressure, especially when posing on step-and-repeats for Dove’s Annual Gala for the Beautiful You, or something of the sort. “Makeup-free” parties are to be expected! I’m sure Gwyneth’s life coach is not the first in Los Angeles to recommend it. (And after these Instagram posts, they will definitely not be the last.)

More than anything, I’m troubled by Rachel Zoe’s idea of what “makeup-free” looks like, considering the complexion work is noticeable, as is her lipstick and mascara. At first, I tried to give her some credit, thinking a lash extensions appointment earlier in the day had gone awry—but that volume doesn’t fool me! (And if they are instead false lashes, don’t those still count? [Instagram]

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