Groom Who Made Idiotic Wedding Day Bomb Threat Sentenced to Jail


Remember Neil McArdle, the Liverpool groom who called in a bomb threat to cover up that he’d forgotten to book his wedding venue until the day of his wedding? Well, things are not going so well for ol’ Neil right now — earlier today, a judge at Liverpool Crown Court sentenced McArdle to one year in jail for the poorly thought-out hoax. (And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for his own meddling stupidity!)

It wasn’t enough that the judge simply convict McArdle — he also had to publicly shame him for his initial failure to schedule his own nuptials, saying:

“She was getting ready, expecting you were going to be man and wife and a very solemn public event in her life and you knew that was not going to take place. You did not say ‘We need to talk.’ You tried to weasel your way out by creating a bomb hoax so the wedding would not take place.”


Prosecutor Derek Jones, clearly feeling bad for Dummy McArdle, pointed out that “he did say several times how embarrassed and ashamed he was and how sorry he was.”

For what it’s worth, Neil is still with his lady. If she stood by him through all of this, she’ll certainly stand by him for his one-year jail sentence.

Groom Who Halted Own Wedding With Bomb Hoax Jailed [AP]

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