Guy Films Self Punching Wife's Lover and Posts It on YouTube


Probably not the best thing to do even if you are a “Stage 4 cancer husband,” as the law blogger Crime & Federalism describes the cuckolded guy. “Why not punch her?” C&F wonders. I have an idea why.

Um, because it’s against the law, law blogger? Which kind of makes cancer husband Jason Wheelington’s decision to post his 28-second action movie on YouTube seem like not-the-best idea. Speaking of which:

Wheelington apparently had been spying on wife Jackie Milander Wheelington—a third-year law student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas—and her apparent extracurricular love interest, Jason Naumann, doing romantical things for some time. So he decided he’d “had enough,” and, well, you saw what happened. “IT’S FUN!” Wheelington says of his own movie. It’s not the adjective we would have used! Probably would have gone with SAD or SHITTY or something else in all-caps.

Milander Wheelington might have avoided a punch in the parking garage, but she’s definitely taking a beating from the blogosphere. Though Crime & Federalism makes sure to acknowledge her hotness, the blog also refers to her as a “whore wife” and a “bitch” with BPD, or borderline personality disorder; her “crazy eyes” apparently give her away. But at least the blog is an equal-opportunity slur-user, as Naumann fares no better:

There’s nothing cool about sucker punching a guy. Plus, the guy in the video is fat. He’s probably an intellectual alpha. Outside of an academic environment, there’d be no way he’d pull a chick who looks like the woman in this video. Let the fat guy have his 2-3 years of glory. Only a hater denies another man his brief moment in the sun.

All of the main players in this situation (including the blogger) are wrong and should just stop it right now—particularly the blogger, whose name-calling and harping on Naumann’s “fat”-ness only encourages more nastiness. This spat is really none of the blog’s business! These folks aren’t celebrities, though maybe Wheelington is trying to become one via his video and his “my wife’s unfaithfulness is my identity” persona-ing.

The C&F blog does raise one interesting point: that by punching Naumann, Wheelington infantilized his wife. It does seem that Wheelington lacks respect for her—which is somewhat understandable on one level, given that she’s not showing him much respect by fooling around behind his back. But instead of lurking in a parking lot ready to strike like some creep, he might have considered talking to her about her infidelity in private? Or if he was determined to go the sneaky P.I.-style route, he could have popped up from behind whatever pickup truck he was crouching (everybody drives a pickup in Texas, it’s the law) and made his presence known in a more dignified fashion, asked to talk things over, etc.

Now he just looks like a goofball. And maybe he will face charges? Cancer and an unfaithful spouse seem like more than enough problems to handle, buddy.

Meanwhile, you gotta feel for the poor toddler who’s stuck in the middle of this mess. His name is Nixon! Hopefully there’s an intervening grandparent or two who can save him from all this dysfunction.

Update: You’ll want to check out C&F’s post, “Jason Wheelington and the Paradox of the Beta Male,” which includes such gems as “a man must never surrender himself to a woman. The minute he does so, he has lost the game” and “a man must never submit in a relationship. It’s simply revolting.” Things to discuss at holiday parties!

Cuckolded Beta Male Self-Incriminates [Crime & Federalism]

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