Halston Begrudgingly Acknowledges Spring With Drapey, Dull, Depressing Duds


Some consider Halston to be a “cursed” label. Halston died in 1990 of AIDS-related causes, and since then, the company has been through eight different owners and many designers. The collection shown yesterday, created by Marios Schwab? Hated it!

This dress is probably beautiful, but the model looks like she just received some really devastating news.

Watercolor bath towel?

Interesting shapes, lots of drape.

The metallic accents are cool.

Coral reef chic.

This is reminiscent of what Tom Ford did for Gucci about 10 years ago; Ford, as Kate Betts puts it in The Daily Beast, “stealthily co-opted Halston’s DNA.”


Something very Dazed And Confused about this. She’s riding home in a van.

This I like: Grecian toga, in a acid bright hue.

Okay, but is it flattering?

“Calgon, take me away!”

For all the Twilight and True Blood fans: When werewolves attack.

Gucci Ice Capades.


Wow. Hot. Okay.

The percentage of people on whom this would look good is so minuscule it doesn’t seem worth discussing.

Party pajamas, for entertaining at home. Barefoot.

Is it supposed to be see-through?

Nice color.

Sure, if you’re going to a party at the Skywalker house on Tattooine, by all means.

Well, at least someone liked it. Then again, Sarah Jessica Parker is the president and chief creative officer of Halston Heritage, the brand’s secondary line.

[Images via Getty.]

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