Hannah Gadsby Is Writing a Memoir About Quitting Comedy


We are born, we quit comedy, we die. Sometimes, like if we produce a brilliant hit standup special along the way, we even write memoirs. It’s the natural life process.

And so it goes with Australian comedian-turned-author Hannah Gadsby, who according to Vulture landed a book deal two months after the Netflix premiere of her standup special Nanette. The New York Times called Nanette “the most discussed comedy special in ages,” due to its frank discussion of misogyny, assault, homophobia, what a tool Picasso was, and how the forms jokes take often fail us and the conversations we want to be having. It single-handedly divided my Twitter feed for a week and a half.

Vulture reported on Tuesday that the book is titled Ten Steps to Nanette and is scheduled to be released in Australia next year by Allen & Unwin. It was also reportedly jut sold to an American publisher, Ballantine.

Per the Australian publisher’s press release, the memoir depicts “the funny and sometimes dark events of the Australian comedian’s life leading up to her realization that she had to quit comedy as she knew it.” It’s also, inevitably, “in the vein of David Sedaris.”

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