Happy Fall From Three Very Cute Children of 1940s New York

In Depth

Not sure why it’s so warm and muggy here in New York City, but maybe we’ll get some properly crisp weather eventually. Until then, let’s just admire the autumnal style of these three cool kids.

As you can see from the caption, this image is the work of photographer Erika Stone. According to this Tribeca Tribune piece—covering a showcase of her photos held last year at her Battery Park City retirement home—much of her Stone’s work dates from the 40s and 50s, with a heavy emphasis on New York City life, with some celebs sprinkled through. She shot for Time as well as becoming a member of the activist and influential Photo League. Here you can see several photos she took at Ellis Island in 1951; the New York Public Library has a particular stunner of hers—a woman with her hair in curlers, shot from behind. The mundane seen as beauty.

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