Happy Hanukkah From Space

Happy Hanukkah From Space
US astronaut Jessica Meir boards the Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft on September 25, 2019. Image: (via Getty)

Sunday was the first night of Hanukkah, and while the White House was busy finding a way to cram Judaism into their advent calendar (not, uh, the place for it), astronaut Jessica Meir was up in space, celebrating the festival of lights and making my mom much prouder than she’ll ever be of me.

Meir, who was famously part of the first all-woman spacewalk back in October, has been at the International Space Station for the last few months. And though I am not clear on where that is conceptually, based on this photo Meir tweeted on Sunday, it has a pretty good view of Earth, one that pairs well with fun holiday socks:

Sadly, it seems Meir was unable to get a photo of a lit menorah in space, which I imagine is unsafe and possibly impossible (Is there fire in space?), but would look cool as hell.

For more fun holidays-in-space, Meir and fellow ISS Americans Andrew Morgan and Christina Koch (Koch joined Meir on the spacewalk) put together a Thanksgiving message for us Earthlings. It features everything from freeze-dried macaroni and cheese to freeze-dried cornbread to an extensive amount of anti-gravity bobbing, the latter of which I cannot imagine paired well with all the food.

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