Happy Hour for Dogs Is Now a Thing


There’s a thought we all get whenever we’re in a bar — you know the one: I wish this place was louder and more chaotic. Places where you go to drink alcohol never get quite crazy enough. It’s like they’re giving you Old School, baby, and you came looking for Jumanji. Luckily, there’s a new trend that’s going to help change that for you. Introducing Yappy Hour, happy hour for dogs.

Rumor, a hotel in Las Vegas, has been hosting a Yappy Hour from 6-9pm on the third Thursday of the month for the last two years. But where did Judi Perez, the event’s founder, get the idea of people bringing their dogs when they head out for a drink?

Judi Perez, an executive with the Siegel Group, the hotel’s parent company, got the idea while lamenting the fact she couldn’t bring her dogs when heading out for a drink.


$10 at Yappy Hour gets dog owners admittance into a fenced in patio area, a free drink (for the people), a bag of dog treats (for the dogs) and a small donation to Las Vegas’ Animal Foundation (for the good of the universe). The event attracts upwards of 175 people and many bring more than one dog, none of whom are required to be on leashes.

“We ask our customers, ‘Please keep an eye on your dogs,'” Perez told the LA Times. “They all run around together and have a great time.”

If it’s well organized it sounds like it could be a very fun time, but I dunno — over here in Brooklyn the bars are already overrun with dogs and that’s when the men leave their pets at home. BOOM. AMMIRITE, LADIES. (I just shot myself in the hand.)

Las Vegas: Yappy Hour lets owners and dogs stop in for a drink [LA Times]
Image via Matt Antonino/Shutterstock.

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