Harry Hunters Hit England


With Wills off the market, certain delusional young ladies are re-ordering their lives yo pursue his brother. Cue crazy-eyes.

Courtney Fleming is one such aspiring princess, profiled by Newsweek (which we’re sure will really help her cause.)

This is no schoolgirl whim. The California Anglophile spent days before this trip poring over British gossip blogs to identify the hottest royal hangouts. And when she packed, she made sure to include the black floral dress with the plunging neckline that was sure to catch her prince’s eye. After all, she’d have plenty of competition. Fleming is part of a small but resolute group of American “Harry hunters,” aspiring princesses who are crossing the ocean in hopes of capturing the redheaded royal’s heart (and the tiara that comes with it). Some rely on semesters abroad to lend an air of social normalcy to their excursions, while others simply count their pennies-or lean on their parents-to fund extended vacations in Britain.

Well, if she spent days! But there’s more: she’s also “spent the past two summers attending duke-studded events like the Henley Royal Regatta, bluffing and flirting her way into the upper echelons of British society.” Doubtless these ladies have heard the rumor that Kate Middleton switched colleges in order to ensnare William. Hopefully they’re having fun while doing it. And have brought coats to cover all those transparent dresses.

Here’s a tip for these young ladies: along with your Tatler and Grimm’s, how about some Henry James and Edith Wharton? American girls on the prowl for British noblemen is nothing new — and even assuming you achieve your questionable objective, it’s not always happily-ever-after. But if all else fails, there’s always this.

Invasion Of The Harry Hunters [Newsweek]

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