Have YOU Ever Seen Elle Fanning and Bill Hader in the Same Room???

Fanning repeated her ongoing conspiracy theory that she and Bill Hader share matching face cards. Can't say I agree but love that for her.

Have YOU Ever Seen Elle Fanning and Bill Hader in the Same Room???
For those who can’t tell them apart: Elle Fanning (left) and Bill Hader (right) Photo:Getty Images

On Monday night, Elle Fanning stopped by the Tonight Show and planted an image in my mind that’s going to be stuck there for a while. Fanning explained her sincere, long-held belief that Bill Hader is, as she put it, her “doppelganger.”

“At the Emmys last year, I was on the hunt for Bill Hader, because I swear, I think I look like him,” Fanning told Jimmy Fallon, who, in turn, asked if she owns a mirror. According to Fanning, her little pet theory was spawned by a Twitter thread one of her friends shared with her that situated their faces side-by-side: “I think it’s the nose,” she explained. “We look like we live in Whoville.”

As Fanning recounts it, she and Nicholas Hoult, her co-star on The Great, spent the 2022 Emmys turning the place upside down for Hader, who they eventually found wearing a mask—“which I thought was a good thing,” Fanning said, “because if he wasn’t, people probably would have gotten confused” and mixed them up. Sadly, they did not end up getting a picture together, which, for me, raises a very important question: Have you ever seen Fanning and Hader in the same room together?? Technically, there is this one blurry photo from the Emmys last year, ostensibly featuring Hader, Hoult, and Fanning altogether in one room. But none of their faces are really visible, so I can’t accept it as ironclad proof that Hader and Fanning are not the same person.

Fanning first shared her deeply-held conviction that she and Hader are #twinsies to Access Hollywood in September 2022. She recounted briefly meeting Hader at the Emmys, and that he kindly pulled his mask down just enough to reveal his nose to her: “We have the same nose!” she excitedly proclaimed.

I don’t know if I necessarily see the resemblance, but how can I pretend to know Elle Fanning’s face better than she knows her own?? In either case, both Fanning and Hader are equally, visually beautiful creatures, in my opinion, so I really can’t decide who should be more flattered by the other being called their maybe-twin.

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