Having a Single Mom Is Worse Than Not Being Able to Vote, Says Dumbass


Maybe it’s unfair to call George Will a dumbass; he gives off the vibe that his Soduku skills are nothing to sneeze at and he’s probably got a photographic memory for the complex requirements of toupee care (because George Will’s scalp cozy looks like it’s been pampered like a 24 year old mistress). However, he did say an incredibly dumbass thing this weekend while discussing the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington on ABC’s This Week — Will said, to paraphrase, that single mothers pose a much more scary threat to nonwhite communities than restricting voting rights. Okay.

During the segment, unrelenting badass Donna Brazile noted that if he were alive today, Dr. King would still be marching for issues like economic justice and voting rights. Cokie Roberts called changes to voting rights laws “downright evil.”

But be-wigged Will had a better idea for What’s Really Wrong with communities of color — unwed mothers. After Washington Post Chief Correspondent Dan Balz pointed out that the economic disparity against which Dr. King and hundreds of thousands of others marched continues to exist despite social progress, Will jumped in, charmingly,

The events to which you refer were foreshadowed by soething that happened 8 months after the march. 8 months after that a young social scientist from Harvard working in the Labor Department published a report. His name was Daniel Patrick Moynihan. He said there’s a crisis in the African American community because 24% of African American children are born to unmarried women. Today it’s tripled- 72%. And THAT— and not an absence of rights — is surely the biggest impediment…

Check out Donna Brazile’s epic sideeye during Will’s soliloquy. Her face is saying what our brains are thinking!

In other words, George Will thinks black women can just… marry their way out of centuries of oppression and racism, I guess. Sounds like a solid plan, if you believe that legally sanctioned dicks will be the balm that cools the sting of losing basic rights to participate in society as full citizens.

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