Hell Hath No Fury Like Britney Spears Scorned: She Will Destroy You

You don’t want to cross Britney Spears, because she is so rich and powerful she will literally tie you up and feed you to that snake she wore in her “I’m a Slave 4 U” performance at the VMAs. And if you mess with Britney’s man, she will sue you into oblivion if you don’t keep your goddamn mouth shut.

Look, Britney has been having a rough couple of weeks. Her boyfriend cheated on her, her father had to buy the tape of the cheating and then Britney actually had to see the video to believe it. The only thing that made her better was finding someone with hearts on their shoes, OKAY? This is not a rational human being we are dealing with. This is a 12-year-old kicking and screaming inside a grown woman’s body. Why would anyone talk badly about her? Have you seen her bio video?

TMZ reports that the woman Lucado cheated on Spears with is Cali Lee, an adult performer. They’re also reporting that Lucado signed a non-disclosure agreement with Spears when they started dating, which means he can’t tell anyone about their relationship. Wait, does that mean the media, or can he not tell his friends, either? Dude, I totally talk to my friends about my partner. Who doesn’t?

Either way, it looks like Spears is trying to stop Lee from talking about her relationship because she believes that the confidentiality agreement Lucado signed applies to Lee as well, so anything he told her during their torrid affair must be kept secret. TMZ says that’s BS (and they would know because Harvey Levin is a lawyer), but Britney’s camp says they can basically destroy Lee because they have the money to do so. Can you imagine how much Britney has? Is it more than Scrooge McDuck, do you think?

Here’s an excerpt from the letter TMZ obtained:

“Rest assured that our client has the resources and the resolve to pursue this matter no matter what the financial cost or outlay in time.”

#Fierce #Stronger

I’m told that Britney had the following to say to her ex: Think of all the times/You made me sick/I used to think/I couldn’t handle it/What you think/I’m just another chick?/Messed with Brit/Boy you must/Have tripped/What were you thinkin’/When you lost my trust?/You had it all now/You’re left with nothing/Oh baby, now/I know you/Want my touch/And now you’re lonely/And you still want me.

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