Help Save This Christmas Tree Decorated With Sex Toys


Always so cheeky, those Italians people who like sex. The sex toy company MySecretCase ERECTED a Christmas tree decorated with the classiest of vibrators and dildos for one of Milan’s classiest streets. And the locals were so displeased they made them take them down.

The Inquistr reports that the local government left the tree up but forced the company to remove the offending sex toys because, “The nature of the project was not fully made clear in the request we received for authorization.” That hasn’t stopped MySecretCase, who has taken to their Facebook page to post pictures of the tree with many descriptions of it as a “sexy tree.” They’ve also started using the hashtag #savethesexytree and would like you to sign this petition to help the tree regain its glory. I’m sure Google translate has gotten some if not all of this wrong but please read the gist of the petition anyway:

‘Tree causes discomfort, says the ordinance. We think that there is discomfort in the joy of sex, the passion of two people making love. The discomfort is when men are slaves of rigged slot machines in bars, when many illegal sellers of illegal counterfeit items can freely occupy public land without permission, without paying taxes and violating an endless series of laws. This creates discomfort! Sign our petition so as not to quench the fire of passion present in each of us. Support the Tree and we will continue to make people smile and enjoy the many passers-by who gather around it, to capture the beautiful moments in what is the Tree of Pleasure!

It does look very sad without all that pleasure on it.

Images via MySecretCase/Facebook

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