Help Us, Horse Girls 


Hello, hi. I am but a humble city mouse who knows very little about the animal kingdom. I recently confused a guinea pig with a capybara. Animals are kind of my blind spot. It that why I am very perplexed by what’s going on in this photo of President Trump and this horse’s butt.

What is this thing?

Before I looked at this hi-def photo, I thought it was covering up the horse’s booty hole. Maybe to prevent the horse from pooping in front of the president, even though it is what he deserves? If not that, then some sort of weird horse butt plug. But then I wondered, where is the tail?

Now that I can see every individual hair on this horse’s body, it appears that the horse’s tail is bunched up in some sort of scrunchie thing?

And it looks like there are a couple of little braided bits with bows emerging from the tail as well?

What’s going on here? Please, can any horse girls past or present help me? Why does this horse have a scrunchie on its butt? Will it still shit on the president?

Thank you.

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