Henry Cavill aka Superman Has Nabbed Himself a Girlfriend

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Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill are OFFICIALLY DATING. After rumors dropped earlier in the week that they were together, the Big Bang Theory star has been photographed holding hands, the most intimate of all activities, with our current and future Superman. They went grocery shopping together and since that’s the best form of foreplay, you know it’s on. [BuzzFeed]

Once Lindsay Lohan gets out of rehab, she will return to the loving embrace of Mama Lohan and shack up in Long Island. Before that, her family plans to throw her a belated birthday pool party at rehab at some point during her visit because mailing her “cards and gifts” is just not “middle schooler at camp for the first time” enough. Mama also says Lindsay will be fine, and that she saw the fireworks on the 4th of July because “They’re in Malibu, so they get to see things.” [NYDN]

Speaking of Lindsay, she is not a big fan of her movie I Know Who Killed Me. WHY NOT?! [LAist]

Kim K really wanted a girl’s night out on the town that didn’t involve Kris Jenner and a whole bunch of Pino but Kris Jenner said No No No and wouldn’t let Kim go to Beyoncé’s concert because the family needs more shekels and have to wait until the valuation of her photo stock is at peak heights. Mommmmmmm I don’t wanna! [Radar Online]

Kim’s younger siblings did what young girls do and hung out on the beach with their boyfriends. Her parents looked happy too. [Daily Mail]

Speaking of Queen B, she certainly doesn’t have an evil she devil as a mother because she got to dance the night away at Jay-Z‘s album release party. Grown Woman indeed. [NYDN]

Eva Longoria is dating a dude that she cast on her show Ready for Love that was cancelled before anyone found love. Guess someone did! He’s a cutie. [People]

A man who worked on Adam Sandler’s opus That’s My Boy building sets is suing Sandler’s production company because he hadseveral fingers partially cut off and sustained fractures on his right hand.” There are more details if you want to read about how someone loses a few fingers. [THR]

50 Cent is vehemently denying that he kicked his baby mama last month. [TMZ]

Kate and Prince William plan to drop silver coins from the sky in a joyous jubilee celebration of the impending birth of their spawn. Or they’ll just hand them to people because of safety and stuff. [US]

Ahhh Seth Meyers is engaged! What will Martha do? (Cry.) [US]

Matthew Perry is converting his old home into a sober living facility. Could he BE any cooler? [People]

TMZ celebrated July 4th by putting together a slideshow in homage to America’s National Treasure, Nicolas Cage. [TMZ]

Jessie J is leaving the British version of The Voice, so now would not be the time to learn who she is or start watching that show. [THR]

Lisa Robin Kelly aka Eric’s slutty sister on That 70’s Show is divorcing her husband with whom she has had just a slightly tumultuous relationship. [TMZ]

Even though Adam Lambert is gay and can get gay married now, he’s not going to because he doesn’t have someone to get gay married to right now. [Radar Online]

Pauly D is a year older today (32). [EW]

Kristen Stewart walked through an airport and did not look joyous while doing so. [Daily Mail]

Mariah Carey posted some pics/video of her and her fam celebrating the 4th of July where she’s in a bikini a lot. [@MariahCarey]

Whilest walking, Justin Timberlake found a true American hero. [@JustinTimberlake]

Whitney Houston’s daughter is still engaged to her one-time “brother.” [Daily Mail]

Time to body-shame Janice Dickinson for wearing a bathing suit even though she’s over the age of 16! [Daily Mail]

But let’s celebrate Heidi Klum for her own half-naked shots. [TMZ]

Katie Holmes and her child Suri enjoyed some banana pudding and Magnolia Cupcakes. [Page Six]

James Franco wore a tank top. [Just Jared]

So did that dude I’m told pretends he is a vampire. [Just Jared]

Reese Witherspoon has legs. [US]

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