Here are Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Singing a Duet for Karl and Bey


Supermodel-turnt-actor Cara Delevingne has been working with Pharrell on an album (of music!) as of late, and Tuesday in New York at Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Métiers d’Art presentation, the duo debuted the fruits of that labor. She has nice tone but um, this clip is a tad pitchy, if you will. And because of that: on a night like that, could not have asked for anything campier.

i-D writes that the song, “CC The World,” was written by Pharrell especially for the show, and that Beyoncé, Patti Smith, and other music luminaries were right there in the front row, taking it all in. What was going through their minds? Are they critics like everyone else? What does St. Vincent think? Was Pharrell, in a fanciful old-timey milkman costume and canny hand dance (SEE BELOW, IMMEDIATELY), distracting them on purpose? And why do audiences yell when a simple harmony is executed without incident? More importantly, IS CARA THE NEW MILLA JOVOVICH? God, this is such an important development of our time.

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