Here Are Some Other Things To Wear On Your Head Besides a Headdress


I recently walked into Topshop and was greeted by a pack of headdress-adorned mannequins congregating around a tepee. Seriously? Big brands are still reappropriating war bonnets, even though so many prominent designers and companies have publicly apologized for doing just that? Why won’t the hipster headdress die already?

It’s not just offensive to reappropriate historical sacred ceremonial pieces from a culture that keeps asking companies to please not; it’s fucking lazy. There’s way more creative stuff you can put on top of your head to live out all your ~wild and free~ fantasies without being an insensitive appropriating dick. Here are some ideas!

Greek Goddess Wings

Winged eyeliner and wings on your head. Why not?

Greek Goddess Feathered Headband White Gold Ivory Made to order (Etsy)


Dodai owns this and I am jealous.

Double banded flapper headband with 1920’s beading, vintage rhinestones and white feathers — made to order (Etsy)


Comes with meadow pasties, too. Or maybe you’d prefer a “Custom cosplay maenad satyr faun rose antlers horns” head piece?

Maenad Ram Horn Headdress (Etsy)


I love the internet. (I also love writing about Maleficent; see here and here.)

Maleficent in Black…. Horned Head Piece in Black (Etsy)

Sea Creatures

Unsure why she’s so sad, since her look is inspired by Lady Gaga, sort of. See also: pretty starfish for your hair.

Lobster Hat (Hair Coverings)


Floral garlands don’t have to be precious. This perfect person is my new fashion icon and I am buying myself some latex roses TODAY.

Claret pinky red Latex Handmade Rose Floral crown Headband also available in other colours and sizes (Etsy)


Uh oh. I kinda want this too? (“HAHA this is just enabling,” Dodai typed to me when we were swapping photos. “But at least it isn’t racist!” I said back. TRUTH.)

Sarah Rhinestone and Chain Head Piece Headdress Tiara (Etsy)

Inspired yet? Go forth and experiment and remember that “But, Coachella!” is not an excuse for ignorance.

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