Here Are Some Topless People Being Tasered


Photographer Patrick Hall’s new project has a very simple and very painful concept. Step 1: Make people take their clothes off and then let someone taser them as he films and photographs their reaction. Step 2:???. Step 3: Profit.

If you’re wondering how many people chose to take part in this art-meets-pain-meets-life-meets-nope extravaganza, 22 Words reports that over 100 willing participants agreed to come down to Hall’s studio and get zapped. I guess they might be adrenaline junkies. Or just really into art. Or people who have just broken up with a long-term partner and are doing something new and exciting to remind themselves that they’re still young and alive and have a whole lot to give to the world. I pierced my cartilage after such a break-up once; why not just get tasered?

The hardest part of this video is watching the victims participants waiting for that shock. The anguish is almost untenable and reminds me of the time that I went on a water slide where they lock you in a tube and then drop you and also tell you not to scream while you’re waiting. Like me, I bet some of these people would never do this again.

Also: Guy at 1:01 is super hot. Y/N

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