Here, Presented Without Much Comment, Is a Video of a Baby Hippo Playing With Her Mom


Two months ago, the San Diego Zoo was blessed by the birth of a baby hippo. And though no baby hippo can quite outshine Fiona, this new one is still very good.

According to the Associated Press, the baby hippo is named Amahle, and in the video, she is playing with her mother, named Funani. Amahle was born on February 8 and is the ninth hippo calf born at the San Diego Zoo.

She looks so happy. Look at her bathe! Look at her nuzzle! Look at her blow teeny bubbles! Look at how close her face can get to another living creature’s! She has beautiful wrinkles and an adorable snout, and I am sure she will grow up to be a majestic thing of wonder.

I’m feeling charitable, so here’s another video:

I love the baby!!! And pretty much nothing else.

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