Here's a Movie About Playing Truth or Dare to Your Death


In the past few years there have been movies about haunted dolls, haunted picture books, and haunted boardgames. And now the latest childhood pastime to get the horror movie treatment is a good ol’ game of truth or dare.

Out in April, Truth or Dare stars Lucy Hale as a girl who leads her friends into a ongoing curse where they have to play the titular game or else they die. Well, really, some dude named Carter she met in a bar leads them to the curse. “I brought you all up here because I’m okay with strangers dying if it means I get to live,” he tells them, rushing off before saying they have to play the game. And they’ll know truth or dare is happening when the people around them look as if they’re permanently stuck in the bug eye Photobooth effect, asking them to pick their poison. Terrifying!

The movie looks like a cross between It Follows (you can’t escape the game and it will follow you everywhere) and Final Destination (some of the deaths look like gruesome accidents). It’s also from the Blumhouse production company, which has made what feels like every big horror movie in the past few years—like Paranormal Activity, The Purge, and Get Out, to name a few.

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