Hero & (Onetime) Baby Reunited After 4 Decades • Olympic Sports May Soon Be Open To Both Genders


• More than 40 years after William Carroll saved Evangeline Harper from a burning building, the two were reunited for a touching article in the Boston Globe. •

• PETA has taken some time out from their busy schedule of objectifying women to call McDonald’s out on their inhumane method of slaughtering chickens. • Doctors say that the chronic stress caused by the recession may lead to lower testosterone levels among men. • Although Showtime has its fair share of hookers, victims, and doormats, the network is leading the way to better roles for female actors with what CEO Matt Blank calls their “strong women’s club:” “You’re talking Edie Falco. You’re talking Mary-Louise Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, Billy Piper, Toni Collette … these women are some of the most exceptional talents on television right now.” • Click here to watch the latest video from Jay Smooth about Rihanna, Chris Brown, and the greater issue of violence against women. • A woman who was allegedly set on fire by her husband embraced him while she was still burning, and held on until he was also in flames. The couple died in the hospital from their burns on Sunday. • Till-Death-Do-Us-Part.com is a new dating site that is set to be the e-harmony for the terminally ill. • Minister for the Olympics, Tessa Jowell, is pushing a rule change that would allow women to compete in every Olympic sport (currently, there are 40 medal events that are for men only). She also hopes to open synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics to male athletes. • According to the National Pet Owners Survey, there are 88.3 million pet cats living in America, compared with 74.8 million dogs. While more families own dogs than cats, cat owners are more likely to own multiple felines, which has led to the discrepancy in numbers. • A 41-year-old woman has plead guilty to reckless homicide after dragging her 73-year-old husband around their pool, essentially “exercising” him to death. • Sunday’s New York Times had this sad story about Romanian mothers leaving their children and homes for better paying jobs abroad. • The latest wave of “paparazzi” in Seoul aren’t looking out looking to capture celebs and their spawn, but rather the small crimes of everyday people. Capturing even a minor crime on film- like lighting up near a non-smoking sign- can pay big. •

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