Hi, Haters: The Kim and Kanye Vogue Cover Is Selling Great, Actually


Despite the rending of garments and wild howls of outrage from Twitter, the April issue of Vogue, starring Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, isn’t merely doing OK. It’s reportedly selling marvelously and will likely beat Michelle Obama’s cover. Sorry, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

That’s according to Page Six, which reports that the issue is “on track” to move somewhere between 300,000 and 400,000 copies. That puts the Kimye cover on a level with 2013’s biggest sellers, featuring Beyonce and the first lady. Please take a moment to imagine the giggly glee with which Kim and Kanye greeted this news. (I like to think the conversation was had in their shared walk-in closet, which I assume is roughly the size of the Petit Trianon.)

This shouldn’t be some big shock, either. Anna Wintour swears she was not wheedled into the cover, and in fact Vogue beat Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar to land Kim and Kanye. While they showed signs of flagging in 2013, the Kardashians have historically sold a shitload (industry term) of tabloids, plus Kim’s April 2013 Cosmopolitan cover sold 1.2 million copies, according to AdWeek. And it’s not like Kanye is just some rando, either.

Not to mention it’s a vastly better cover than some of the other stinkers they’ve run.

Vogue refused to confirm the numbers, responding simply that “[We] never comment on sales figures,” presumably with an icy toss of perfectly coiffed hair.

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