High-Culture Galas, High-Style Celebs


Across the land, celebs were supporting the arts — from the New York City Ballet‘s gala to the opening of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the clothes were a show of their own…for good and ill.

Sarah Jessica Parker may be channeling bubble wrap, but the effect, at the NYCB, is still stunning!

And really, one can’t help but wonder what she made of Candace Bushnell‘s craft-store-goes-on-a-bender. Did she pull a, “what a…unique dress”? Or flat-out white-lie?

Eva Mendes, in L.A., looks stunning in this simple, elegant Grecian number.

If “classic” means this could be any year between now and 1963, Fay Fendi qualifies!

Michelle Herbert: Mood called. They want their tulle aisle back.

Socialite Helen Schifter has been doing crown volume — and elegant simplicity — since before Snooki was a gleam in her father’s eye.

By far the evening’s most confident looks: actresses Ann Rutherford (L) and Anne Jeffreys, in Los Angeles.

[Images via Getty]

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