Hold Up–Angela Lansbury Is Returning To The Stage


In breaking entertainment news that is sure to get me 500 billion clicks today alone, Angela Lansbury is set to make her triumphant, beautiful return to the stage. After a more than 40 year absence from the London stage, Jessica Fletcher Lansbury will star in a West End revival of Noel Coward’s play Blithe Spirit.

Lansbury will be solving random murders that seem to pop up wherever she visits playing the part of clairvoyant Madame Arcati. (She’s already won a Tony for this role in 2009)

The last time she performed in London was in 1975, playing Gertrude in the National Theatre’s production of Hamlet. Lansbury herself sounds almost excited to be back on stage as I was I thought I saw the guy who played Sheriff Tupper in a Del Taco in San Diego.

“You could say it’s my last chance,” Lansbury told the Daily Mail. “It isn’t! But you could say that. After all, I am 88 — in my 89th year now. But I’ve got many more years left. I do believe that.”

Lansbury starred in the Greatest Television Show of All Time, or Murder She Wrote as the non-blood oath sworn members of the fan club refer to it, which is set for a reboot next year on NBC. (In case you don’t remember, while Lansbury is a fan of star Octavia Spencer, she’s not a fan of calling it ‘Murder She Wrote.’)

On top of landing her new role, she just picked up an honorary Oscar for her lifetime of work, too. Is this lady on fire now or what? Is she on the verge of an epic Betty White-esque comeback? *fingers crossed*

The play opens at the Gielgud Theatre on March 18, with previews beginning on March 1. PLEAZ SOMEONE BUY ME TICKETS TO COME TO ENGLAND AND SEE THIS PLEAZ.

That concludes this report from the Angela Lansbury Fan Club. Please carry on with your regular business.

*It wasn’t him. It was a different guy that just looked like him. Oh well.

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