Housewives Reunion: The Truth Behind Kelly's Meltdown


On last night’s third and final installment of the RHONYC reunion, viewers were served a heaping portion of Kelly Bensimon’s word salad. Yet, her distorted perceptions, half-thoughts, and contradictory statements make perfect sense to her in “Kelly Land.”

Kelly’s declarations and immediate retractions, her extreme mood swings, and her inability to correctly process feelings (“I was so happy, I mean, the fact that they’re making me cry…”) totally eclipsed the other intense drama—like the “Ramotional” outburst at Jill; LuAnn’s weird, sort-of-admission of antisemitism; and Jill’s hypocrisy in approving of Kelly’s Playboy shoot but disapproving of Alex’s “spread-eagle in [her] husband’s hotel” (more on that later). It must have been frustrating for all the women in the room to sit there and listen to Kelly, who insisted on speaking—because when she speaks “it’s perfect”—yet admitted that she doesn’t listen when others talk. Also, she has some serious comprehension problems, since she’s unable to correctly understand a question enough to even stay on topic when answering it.

The most interesting aspect, though, was the discussion of what was going on behind the scenes while filming the show, and that Kelly was asked to leave St. John, and was escorted home by a producer, instead of her claims that she chose to leave early. (I love that LuAnn was laughing the whole time.)

Alex’s blog of this final episode of the reunion is kind of amazing, and I strongly encourage that you read it. She goes to great lengths to point out all of Jill’s bad behavior before, during, and after filming—with many links, since we know that Jill loves to have proof. It also includes an awesome anecdote of how Jill vowed to “ruin” Kate Gosselin because Kate’s bodyguard wouldn’t let Jill enter a public bathroom that Kate was using at the time:

I remember when we filmed the skating event with Johnny Weir in CT – Kate Gosselin’s bodyguard wouldn’t let Jill into the bathroom until Kate came out, making her wait. A seething Jill came back and whispered the story in my ear, finishing with “I’m gonna ruin her.” Because she had to hold it for a few minutes?

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