How Courtney Love Beat Coffeehouse Security 

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Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, and a leering Bravo executive are in a basement swinger’s pad filled with light-up liquor cabinets. Drew’s glass is enormous and contents are yellow (vodka-wine?) Timothy wants to go home very much. They are on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

They are also promoting the new season of Santa Clarita Diet; whatever. The point is that Drew is swigging, and the content is flowing. Everybody gather ‘round!

Customary to WWHL, a “caller” asks an unprompted “live” question with curiously granular specificity. Drew, I wanna know if you have a crazy story or night that you had with Courtney Love back in the nineties?

Actually, she DOES have a story about that!

We had just come from seeing Green Day, we were going in to see a back play at a coffeehouse, and the bouncer said I’m sorry, you can’t come in, you don’t have a backstage pass. And Courtney looked at him and goes, My FACE is a backstage pass! And then swept him aside and just walked in.

And roamed the premises, it seems, for the remainder of the small production, which would become the most thrilling caper in the history of bouncing for Seattle coffeehouses.

Sean Penn saw Fear and Loathing and has been bloviating ever since. He’s too hardcore for television, but he has a Great American Novel to peddle now, so he’s on late night with the routine.

And yeah, he’s really serious about it. “He drinks and smokes and doesn’t sleep,” a source tells People.

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