How Much Did Charlie Sheen Pay Ex-Goddess For Glowing Playboy Remarks?


According to Bree Olson, Charlie Sheen is a great lay. Olson—who went by her birth name, Rachel Oberlin, during her tenure as one of Sheen’s goddesses earlier this year—graces the cover of August’s Playboy, in which she also gives an interview about her relationship with Sheen and his other goddess Natalie Kenly. And even though he’s supposed to be her ex-boyfriend (or something?) that she claims she left without even saying goodbye, she was nothing but adulatory when discussing him—particularly his sexual prowess. So, theoretically speaking, if a working gal can make $30k for spending just one night with Sheen, and then be free to tell tales out of school on network morning shows, then how much do you think that the former goddesses—who must have seen much more shit go down in the months they lived with him and followed him on tour—earned?

Mostly, we’re left wondering what exactly is in it for Olson to be so careful and generous with her words. (“He’s intelligent, he’s charismatic, he’s superfunny. And he’s good in bed…gentle and considerate. He’s just so enticing sexually.”) After all, she supposedly got so sick of him during his My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option tour that she left him in Toronto without even saying goodbye, leaving behind only an expensive watch he had lent her and a note (which she quotes from memory in Playboy): “C, I’m not comfortable here anymore. I’m going home. I wish you the best on the rest of your tour. (Here’s your watch.)” She didn’t reveal the details about what exactly pissed her off, saying only that she felt like he was cheating on her with his tour. What she did admit to in her interview is that even though she’s unemployed at the moment, having left the adult film industry in hopes of making it as a straight actress, she insists that she’s “winning.”

Charlie Sheen’s Goddess Has Left the Building [Playboy]

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