Hugh Hefner on Bill Cosby Allegations: 'I Would Never Tolerate This'


Very few of comedian Bill Cosby’s colleagues and friends have stepped forward in the wake of rape allegations against him. Now, one of his oldest and closest friends has something to say.

On Saturday, Hugh Hefner released a statement about the allegations against Cosby and his personal connection. The Playboy mansion, Hefner’s famous residence, was directly mentioned by one woman who came forward with allegations against Cosby as the scene where they were assaulted. On Monday, Janet Huth filed a lawsuit alleging she was raped at the Playboy Mansion by Cosby when she was only 15 years old. Then, former Playboy bunny P.J. Masten told reporters she was given a drugged drink and raped by Cosby at the Playboy Club in Chicago in 1979. Masten said she believes there are other former Bunnies who are too ashamed to come forward with their own stories.

“Bill Cosby has been a good friend for many years and the mere thought of these allegations is truly saddening,” Hefner said in a statement. “I would never tolerate this kind of behavior, regardless of who was involved.”

It’s a pretty anemic statement, but better than some other garbage Cosby’s friends and colleagues have had to say on the matter (ahem, Ben Vereen).

On Friday, the LAPD officially opened an investigation into allegations made in a lawsuit filed by Huth. She met with police last week for 90 minutes, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Cosby filed a countersuit against Huth, claiming she tried to extort him. The LAPD told reporters last week they were ready to investigate any claims against Cosby despite statute of limitation issues.

Image via AP Images.

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