I Love the Deranged Way Kylie Jenner Cuts Her Cake

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I Love the Deranged Way Kylie Jenner Cuts Her Cake

Sometimes it’s important to re-evaluate societal norms and ask ourselves whether there’s a reason things are the way they are. Over text this weekend, my friends and I were complaining about women’s pants—specifically, the fact that their design requires you to pull them all the way down if you want to pee. Why is this? Why are they just smaller versions of men’s pants? Isn’t it time we reimagine a design that work better for us?

At some point along the line, we decided there was only one correct way to eat cake. On Sunday, Kylie Jenner broke convention by cutting a tiny, fat slice of olive oil cake. Normally when someone wants a small slice of cake, they make it very thin. Kylie did not.

Understandably, some people were upset. I get it. It can be disturbing to see the conventions that we believe to be immutable so easily discarded.

Then she doubled down:




It takes a true visionary to allow us to see that the only real trap is our own minds. Finally, now, we may be free. [Us Weekly]

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