I Only Care About This Giant Super Moon If It Is Inside My Living Room


There is allegedly a great, big super moon outside my window—not just any super moon, mind you, but potentially the biggest, brightest, super mooniest super moon we’ll get to see until 2026. I could look at it, but I will not. Sorry, moon! I’m sure you have many other, far more interested fans.

Forbes says Tuesday night’s super moon situation is a thanks to the moon reaching its perigee, i.e. making its closest approach to Earth, at the same time it reaches its “moment of greatest illumination,” hence its extra vivacity. Forbes also claims this particular combination won’t happen again for another seven years, hence the urgency.

“If you’re only going to see the Moon once this year, this is the ultimate time to do it,” Forbes helpfully enthuses. And yet, I will see the moon many other times this year, possibly on nights that are less cloudy than this one. I will say, “Look, the moon!” and then I will finish drinking my beer or cross the street or return to a blog post much like this one, completely unchanged.

There was super moon just last month. NASA says there will be another super moon on March 19. There are, as my colleague Clio Chang has already pointed out, too many moons, and they are all starting to swim together into one giant ball of lit rock. I am starting to think all these Super Moons are just slightly redder moons with better PR reps.

I mean, I guess it’s cool.

Anyway, if you want to look at the moon, I am sure it is hovering in the sky somewhere right now. I do not feel like getting up from my couch, but please give it my best.

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