I Would Watch a Whole Channel of Tiffany 'New York' Pollard Selling Me Fenty Beauty Products


Because Fenty Beauty is miles ahead of so many other brands on Sephora’s shelves, this holiday season they are not going to simply hand off their products to a bunch of lowly beauty vloggers to review them. They are going to put their products in the hands of someone who can really speak to people, who can truly communicate all the glittery goodness of their new palettes and Stunna lip paints. And that person, my friends, is Tiffany Pollard.

Pollard, a.k.a. “New York” from Flavor of Love and I Love New York, a.k.a. a true meme queen, delivers a breathtaking video running through Fenty products, offering extremely helpful insight to those currently buying gifts for their loved ones. So if you’re wondering, is Fenty worth it? New York’s answer is: hell yeah.

Frankly, she just gets straight to the point. “I feel younger and thinner,” she says about the Pro Filt’r Foundation. “I didn’t know it could do all that, but it’s doing it!” Will this palette help you get through cuffing season? Yes. Grandmas, should you just buy your granddaughters lip paints and ditch any other gifts, please? YES. Which shade should you wear if you want to curse out the bitch who spit on you? “Uncensored,” of course.

“I always thought I had a little bit of a unicorn in me, ’cause I do like anything that’s shaped like a cone, that I can insert,” she says, showing off the colorful Killawatt Foil Palette.

Brava, Fenty Beauty. But the next move is getting a QVC-style, all day channel, because between this and Rihanna’s faux-vlogger beauty tutorials, I would watch it all day.

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