If Oprah Doesn't Hire Awesome Cerebral Palsy Guy, Someone's Got To


As previously mentioned, Zach Anner is trying to get a show on Oprah’s new network, and while some voting controversy has marred the contest, the fact remains: Zach deserves a TV show.

Zach, who has cerebral palsy, “the sexiest of the palsies,” is hilarious. His idea, to have a travel show for people who think that they can’t travel, is a fresh take on a stale format.

He’s already doing great segments with little or no production value; check out this clip of his travels in Austin, which he posted yesterday:

Zach’s got tons of fans, and at this point, if he doesn’t get a show, there may be a riot. You’ve been warned! Voting ends July 3, so cast your ballots now.

Zach Anner, The Comedian With Cerebral Palsy In Oprah’s New Contest [BoingBoing]
Zach’s Audition [Oprah.com]

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