If Perez Hilton Finds Your Behavior Disgusting, And He's Correct…


Perez Hilton hosted last night’s reunion of Bad Girls Club, which would normally be eye-rolling, but he made some valid remarks, and chastised Ailea for assaulting her roommate, gloating about it, and feeling no remorse.

You could tell that he was a fan of the show and saw every episode, and — like me — came away from it with really strong feelings concerning Ailea’s despicable behavior (which included a lot of misdirected anger, crazy outbursts, and physically attacking her roommate, and kicking her while she was down on the ground). At the end of the show, she asked him for a hug, and he refused, telling her that he was serious when he said that she shouldn’t touch him, and that he thinks she’s disgusting. I never thought I’d be on his side regarding any topic, but he was totally right.

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