I'm in Love With Jennifer Coolidge's Perfect, Functional Kitchen

I'm in Love With Jennifer Coolidge's Perfect, Functional Kitchen

Walk into a modern house and most will likely be confronted with a shade of white so blinding, it threatens to overwhelm your sense of reality, space, and physics. Jennifer Coolidge, thankfully, does not live in that sort of house.

The camp maven appeared on Watch What Happens Live Thursday to discuss, among other things, rumors that she might replace Kim Cattrall on Sex and the City, seeing as Samantha is too preoccupied with jazz scatting these days. Understandably, Coolidge shot down the speculation, and told host Andy Cohen that she is a huge Samantha/Cattrall fan.

But who cares about Sex and the City casting rumors, really? I’m here to talk about Coolidge’s kitchen, which is prominently on display behind her for the interview. It’s a good kitchen, with a vaulted wood ceiling, crossbeams, beautiful wood finishes, and the same overhead oven fan I have in my apartment.

It’s a kitchen that, upon witnessing it, feels familiar. Like a home I’ve been to in a dream, where there was a warm meal amongst loved ones. The loveseat she’s perched on doesn’t help, as I can already feel it under my bare legs, curled up with a tabloid and big cup of chai. Her baseboards are also trimmed in that lovely wood, and I suspect the vaulted ceiling of her kitchen continues off into her sitting and dining areas. It’s also easy to miss, but let me just point out these lovely accent stools, which look sturdy and well built. Even the little knobs on the cabinets are delightful!


Now, if I were Coolidge’s interior decorator—even if I suspect she does it herself, who knows—I might recommend eliminating the recessed lighting in her kitchen and instead hanging a nice, sensible pendant light, maybe one or two wall sconces. I’d also find a contractor to make an accent board for her fridge, to disguise the cold, harsh stainless steel. The dishwasher would obviously receive similar treatment.

But really, this is a perfect kitchen, in a home that looks loved and lived in. If I got my facts right, the house is also somewhere in New Orleans, which seems a nice place to settle down, after one has slotted numerous camp classics into the annals of Hollywood history. I love this for Jennifer, and if she ever decides to sell, perhaps she will hit me up.

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