In Winning Over One 'H8R,' Scott Disick Earns A Million More


It would seem the The CW’s H8R was practically made for Scott Disick, the socialite-turned-model-turned-Kardashian Klan member. Though “haters” of Disick can be found virtually anywhere, Mario Lopez set up one lucky girl — who happened to call Scott a “massive douche” so many times that even Lopez couldn’t help but giggle — on a bowling date with the man himself.

Between riding around in his yellow Lambourghini and wearing a smoking jacket and making comments like “See these hands? Not a hard day of labor, baby,” there was a lot to H8 about Scott. Yet somehow by the end of the episode, the “H8R” came around and decided that she liked Scott, while he decided that he hated her “with a passion.” He finishes the episode off by calling her “somebody who sits on her fat ass watching reality shows talking shit about every fucking person on there” and declaring “I think of her as less than nothing at this point.”

All in all, a successful episode!

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