Incels Melt Down After One of Them Gets Laid: ‘This Is the Equivalent of Lebron Retiring’

"I see some incels are mad that Komesarj ascended and left, but like why?" one incel wrote. "Would you have rather him stayed and have been a fakecel?"

Incels Melt Down After One of Them Gets Laid: ‘This Is the Equivalent of Lebron Retiring’
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Incels, an online community of involuntarily celibate men who feel ostracized from society, erupted into chaos this week when one of them announced that he’d finally had sex with a woman.

A moderator of one of the forums,, announced Monday that he can no longer in good faith identify as a man who can’t get laid, and therefore must leave his esteemed post in the community.

“I feel a lot of mixed feeling about leaving the incel community,” he tweeted. “While it feels good to no longer be incel. I’m going to miss all the friends and connections I’ve made. To all of you who have supported me over the years, thank you. I start a new chapter in my life, albeit late.”

While some of his incel buddies congratulated him, others were devastated—and the comments erupted into an all-out Incel Civil War.

“This is the equivalent of Lebron retiring,” one wrote.

“It’s honestly disgusting that you betray your community when some chick finally settles for you,” commented another.

“This is why the incel community will never start a movement and bring about change,” a man named AJ complained. “It only takes one hoe to sacrifice herself and give some crumbs of pussy and the whole movement would collapse due to too many betraying.”

Over on the incels forum, some tried to defend their leader for having “ascended”—which in incel speak means having sex with a willing participant. ThatITguy27 delivered a moving show of loyalty:

I see some incels are mad that Komesarj ascended and left, but like why? Would you have rather him stayed in the forum and have been a fakecel? If that is the case then you can’t get mad that there are some fakecels on the forum as if they left after ascenscion then they would piss you off? If you don’t decide how you change today, Time will change you against your will tomorrow. He changed himself for the better and thus reaped the fruit of his labor. I understand that some of you are also trying to change for the better and I think that is great. I think their may be some hypocrisy caused by jealousy.

OK, now that we’ve had a laugh about all that, I also must note that incels as a whole are actually not funny at all; they’re a violent online extremist movement that regularly threatens violence against women and girls and sometimes carry it out in terrifying ways. The 2014 Santa Barbara shooter, for instance, who killed six and injured 14 after attacking a sorority house, was an incel active online who was hellbent on taking revenge on women. Incels, by nature, feel entitled to sex, and they want to punish women for not giving it to them.

That said, I hope for the sake of humanity that these men find something else to fulfill them in life besides radicalizing each other on the internet because they’re so repelling to women.

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