Insane Texts From a Comic-Con Attendee on Shrooms


“Friends are coming out of a cat’s butthole.” “I think I’ve gone full Jaden Smith.” What?

This one’s too good not to share. You may want to save it for your records and then send it to your friends who are planning to do shrooms in a crowded convention hall where everyone is dressed as their favorite superheroes and video game characters. Shrooms are a trip (literally) when you do them in a safe and controlled space, but take them in a room where one or more people may be dressed like sexy Spiderman and you are in for an awful, awful few hours that start with feeling stupid and end with an existential crisis for the ages. Let’s trip with him for a few moments, shall we? Everyone got their helmet on? HEY! WHAT’S THAT GOAT DOING IN THE CORNER? GOATS DON’T BELONG HERE! GET THAT GOAT OUT!

H/t: Uproxx

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