Is Being A Political "Ken Doll" Really That Bad?


Alec Baldwin has been only been on Twitter for a little over a week now and he’s already receiving Courtney Love-esque attention for statements he made about Mitt Romney:

Baldwin, who published several politically-charged tweets late last week about Republicans, the state of the nation, and potential good leaders for the country, claims that he wasn’t calling the former Massachusetts governor a Ken doll when he tweeted on Friday, “and Ken doll appeal that a lot of right-wingers go for.”

Baldwin then clarified by saying that he didn’t say Romney was a Ken doll, he just looks like one:

“I did not write that Romney is a Ken doll,” Baldwin argues in his HuffPo piece. “He is anything but. And the sooner Democratic political operatives agree on that, the better for Obama. I referred to that iconic retail figure to highlight those types that are lean of frame and square jawed, like Romney, who seem to hold the public’s attention more easily.”

To be fair, even if Baldwin actually had called Romney a Ken doll, he could’ve meant any number of things, such as:

– Mitt Romney has a lack of genitalia.
– Mitt Romney has his own name printed on some of his clothes.
– Mitt Romney looks great behind the wheel of a Corvette.

Sounds like the ideal GOP candidate to me.

Alec Baldwin: I didn’t call Mitt Romney a Ken doll [Daily Caller]

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