Is Melania Wearing Leather Pants, or Are Those Her Barbie Legs?


Life’s full of mysteries; on Thursday, Melania Trump returned from her husband’s impromptu visit to the troops in Iraq and descended from Air Force One wearing what appears to be a pair of leather pants. But are they?

They are impressively close to the color of her skin, as well as her shoes. Some say they’re pants; some say she was just wearing a miniskirt. As Oprah once said, what is the truth? A few potential answers:

  • Those are her real legs
  • Those are her Barbie legs
  • She’s wearing leather pants
  • She’s wearing no pants because it’s 2019 (basically) and women can do whatever they want. Amirite, ladies!
  • She’s wearing no pants, but it was an accident; she forgot them
  • Too much Jergen’s self-tanner. It’s December, beyotch!
  • Melania is actually 50 percent caramel candy
  • That’s not Melania. That’s Blake Lively character-acting and/or trying out a new fashion thing for 2019
  • Melania descended from a long line of elves on the North Pole and recently reconnected with her relatives
  • Matching her pants to her hair and skin tone, Melania is slowly working on becoming monochromatic, which is halfway to her longterm goal of becoming invisible
  • Melania is Willy Wonka, left her hat on the plane
  • This is actually a test for color-blindness, the pants are red and you failed; you should consult with a doctor
  • She just came from horseback-riding, left the horse on the plane
  • We’re all stupid and the end of the world is invariably coming soon
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