Is the Former West Wing Cast Uniting for a Reboot, or Just Horny?


Pretty sure they’re just horny, but for the sake of fairness, the sine quo non of The West Wing’s enduring appeal, let’s look at the evidence.

On Thursday, Josh Malina, who played Will Bailey on The West Wing, posted this picture of himself and several fellow former cast members, including Bradley Whitford (who played Josh Lyman), Janel Moloney (a.k.a Donna Moss), and the show’s creator Aaron Sorkin, having dinner together Wednesday night. The picture was captioned “talking reboot.”

It’s the kind of provocation that needs to be taken seriously. The West Wing is the ultimate in bad remake ideas, trust me, I watched at least half of it at the behest of an ex-boyfriend. What I’m saying is that, as someone who has made love to a man while at least one of us was watching President Bartlet deliver an impassioned monologue on sound liberal policy, I both know something about the West Wing and about being horny.

The twist in this supposed “reboot” feast came when, as E! News reports, Whitford tweeted “I’m horny,” probably at the dinner table. The tweet was subsequently deleted, but not before Kumail Nanjiani replied “come by.”

Then Whitford explained in another tweet “I’m having dinner with @JoshMalina. He took my phone and tweeted that last tweet. It was not me. I swear to God. Forgive him.”

Verdict: horny.

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