Is Women's Health Making Unhealthy Weight Loss Claims?


The new issue of Women’s Health promises to explain how to “drop two sizes in just two weeks,” but in addition to that being nearly impossible, it’s not what the accompanying article is about.

Dropping two sizes in two weeks would mean losing about ten pounds a week. Doctors usually recommend losing no more than 1-3 pounds per week, which is especially significant for a magazine called Women’s Health. It doesn’t matter though, since the article is actually about “78 Ways to Cut 100 Calories.” The writer claims that by doing so you can “poof” drop a dress size (which is also questionable) but never gives a time frame for this magical weight loss. Stephanie Quilao, who posted about<,/a> the “cover lie” on Back in Skinny Jeans, wonders, was the line just a mistake, or “in these tough times, are magazines getting ultra desperate to grab our attention?” [Back in Skinny Jeans]

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