Issue of Vegan Pets Divides Vets, Owners • In The Works: Woodstock, 2009


• Some vegan pet owners have begun feeding their animals vegan diets, because “living with a tiny carnivore” was too disturbing. Veterinarians remain skeptical. •

• Last Monday, China implemented an internet ban on YouTube. Although China has the technology to block only certain URLs, the entire site has been blocked from use. • In order to lure in the desirable baby-boomer demographic, The Hallmark Channel is playing up their status as a “soothing, predictable” network. At least they know their strengths. • The Statue of Liberty is set to re-open for the public on July 4th, 2009. Lady Liberty’s crown has been closed since 9/11. • This is kind of a downer: America’s eight most downsized cities. The “Rust Belt” list includes Youngstown, Ohio at number one and Detroit at number three. • Sled dogs are among the most energy efficient animals on earth, and scientists hope that their “fat-burning prowess” could be used to discover new ways to treat diabetes and obesity. • Delta Air Lines is resurrecting vintage uniforms for flight attendants from now-defunct carriers like Pan American World Airways to promote their pending merger with Northwest Airlines. • Forbes has some advice for those of us who suck with money: 7 steps to fix your retirement. • Nickelodeon has asked kids to unplug their games and gadgets on April 22nd in honor of Earth Day. • Funny lady Janeane Garofalo is also in on the action, and in this video, she advocates for the “huge turn off” on Earth Day with some serious armpit hair.Sociological Images has pictures of the new Angela Merkel Barbie. She looks… classy? • To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, organizer Michael Lane plans to throw together a free, green, outdoor music festival. He is currently looking for sponsors and scouting venues in New York City. • A unique community of killer whales has failed to recover from the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989. Experts say that the pod is slowly dying out, and with it, their distinctive song-dialect. •

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