It Looks Like Taylor Swift Was Telling the Truth About Kanye West the Whole Time

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It Looks Like Taylor Swift Was Telling the Truth About Kanye West the Whole Time
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One of the shockingly underreported side effects of covid-19, whether you have it or not, is the total and complete loss of one’s ability to accurately observe and understand the passage of time. For example, today I woke up and thought, Tuesday, again!? Before realizing it was Saturday and was, therefore, time to blog. Upon logging on to the internet I’ve realized that the individual ability to process and recognize time might be the least of our worries, as it appears that there has been a rift in the very fabric of our space-time continuum, jettisoning us back to 2016 where the Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West drama is still very much unfinished business.

If you were, perhaps, on some kind of Eat, Pray, Love adventure thing in 2016 you might have missed out on this “news,” so for your benefit I will provide you the swiftest (that’s a pun) of summaries. Kanye, a grown man, threw a public tantrum when Taylor won an award once. There were two years of press about anything they did that might be about the other person. Kanye released his song “Famous,” with some not-so-nice lyrics about Taylor, accompanied by a music video that featured a nude replication of her. Taylor was, understandably, upset. Kim released footage via Snapchat showing that Taylor allegedly approved the song lyrics. Everyone attacked Taylor with snake emojis. “Look What You Made Me Do.” Fin.

Or, well, not-so-fin as it turns out. Although the 2016 moment lives on as a cultural touchpoint, largely proliferated by Swift’s 2018 Reputation tour of which the controversy appeared to be the nexus, the story itself seemed to be closed. Until today. Whatever “today” means.

New footage has surfaced of Swift’s conversation with West, showing that the Snapchat videos Kardashian released absolutely failed to accurately portray the full story. It also corroborates Swift’s claim that she had no idea West planned to call her a bitch in the song “Famous,” something she was very uncomfortable with.

For many, the video Kardashian originally released was vindication for their dislike of Swift. They felt it laid bare her calculating nature, as she apparently signed off on lyrics and then feigned shock, outrage, and surprise for public sympathy when the song was released. This video, in large part, pulls the rug out from underneath anyone who still felt Swift had an accurate understanding of the situation she was walking into.

Personally, I’d have liked if whoever opened up the portal back to 2016 would have worked on changing a few other devastating historical events that took place that year, rather than using the Time Stone to vindicate Taylor Swift, but I guess this is fine too. I may no longer be able to tell my days apart, but at least when I do finally lay down to rest at the end of this waking period I will drift into slumber knowing that Taylor Swift is not a liar, and there is some small comfort to be found in that. Right? [Twitter]

In news that is very much of the present moment, fashion designer, Project Runway winner, and the artist formerly known as Ferosha Coutura, Christian Siriano, is making protective masks for those who are in need during the coronavirus outbreak.

“If @NYGovCuomo says we need masks my team will help make some,” Siriano tweeted on Friday morning, “I have a full sewing team still on staff working from home that can help.” “Thank you. Please follow back and we will DM you,” Andrew Cuomo tweeted back.

There’s just something I love about Andrew Cuomo apparently not being able to communicate with Siriano any way other than through a mutual-follow Twitter DM. Like, I understand that’s how Twitter works, I just love that the same rules apply to everyone one, ya know?

There are a lot of ways influential and wealthy people could be spending their time during this crisis, and it’s great to see Siriano spending his time doing something for the betterment of others. Fine Christian Siriano, I will have hope! Are you happy now? I feel nice! [Daily News]

Bad Bunny’s Instagram account has become a permanent hydration station during the covid-19 outbreak. Should you find yourself thirsty, please feel free to visit and sate yourself.

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