"It Would Be Disgusting To Wipe Wet Balls Off With The Corner Of A F*cking Sheet"

Earlier this week, we posted about CockBibs, an adult novelty item intended to keep balls dry during a blow job. Well, someone purporting to be the CockBibs’ inventor wrote us last night, saying he “had no choice but to respond.”

I just read this article that you guys wrote on CockBibs and it was very dissapointing to say the least. You guys were so hard on me and my CockBibs that I feel I have no choice but to respond. As a man I love to get my balls sucked and licked, but what I don’t love is a quart of saliva in my pubes, making is way down to my balls, with every intention of reaching my ass! It would be disgusting to ask a man to keep on some dirty wet underwear or wipe his wet balls off with the corner of a f*cking sheet. It would be even worse to let it evaporate. Would you as women let our saliva dry up on you? Would you go to sleep in some wet panties? I think not! I am thankful that we now have CockBibs, I would have been using these years ago if they were around. I am sure that you guys know that this is purely a novelty. Thought it can be utilized to keep ones balls dry, and quite effectively might I add, it primarily functions as a funny gag gift meant to bring a smile to someones face. I would like to think that everyone could find the humor in CockBibs, but what can I really expect, this is a femminist site right? I Do have to thank you guys though because you have inspired a new CockBib and that CockBib shall read… ” Jezebels Need Only Apply!”! Maybe then you guys will lighten up and stop slamming CockBibs.

That’s OK, Mr. CockBib. We would not want to take part in any blow job-related gag you have to offer us.

Related: we were not the only people to be on the receiving end of his marketing wrath. Amanda Hess, who wrote about CockBibs for the Washington City Paper‘s blog, emailed us to let us know that someone from Cockbibs HQ got all up in her comments section. “Some person from the CockBib coalition began posting a bunch of fake comments under my name and others (from the same IP address). They started out just being PR (“lol I love these CockBibs I’m going to buy one for my husband!”) and then started to get more personal.” This one is her favorite:

1. Amanda Hess Says:
May 20th, 2009 at 4:29 pm edit
Look at me, I’m amanda hess. I work for jezebel so I am special! I can show everyone my super posting powers because I am amanda hess! lol

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